Monday, August 10, 2009

From Appalachia to the Big Apple

Let it never be said that I am a boring gal! I have spent the last week at Moonshine Creek Campground near Waynesville, NC in a pop-up tent trailer with my daughters, best friends and their families. I hauled the camper myself and even set it up solo. My husband Joe is proud but nervous about what other endeavours I will take on me he shouldn't worry too much.

After the last few months of loosing my business, which in many ways had become my life, the simplicity of living out of a tent trailer, no blackberry (okay I cheated a few times), going to the bath house, watching the kids play manhunt all night, laughing by the campfire, white water rafting, and getting lost on country roads helped me to remember what it was like to laugh and have fun again.

Now with a clearer head and a happier heart I am off to the Big Apple on Wednesday to see what the next chapter in my life as a designer may be. Moo Roo began with a difficult period in my life and was an answer to prayers. I did not even know that I was creating a business, let alone becoming a designer. Mary Norton Inc., taught me to really trust myself as a strong woman, talented designer and an innovative brand builder. Although Mary Norton, Inc. closing was a very sad time for me, as a woman of great faith and believer in life changing miracles....I am waiting with great anticipation to see what the Big Guy has in mind now....God only knows (ha-ha)!!

So for all of you out there who have lost jobs, lost faith, lost laughter try a little camping for the soul...or at least a walk or hike with your kids....don't take the Crackberry. Look at the beautiful last days of summer and remember to laugh a little. Hell, if I can you can too!

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